Thursday, March 29

two weeks.

well, it's been almost two weeks as a working mom. i love the job. i think that we made a good choice. but life is different. obviously. mostly, everything just takes a little more effort.

what i've given up:
-hours and hours of watching my kids play together
-homemade spaghetti sauce
-alone time
-hours of trashy t.v.

what i haven't given up:
-hugs and kisses and more hugs and kisses from hiba and matthias when i am home
-family dinners
-reading books and playing with my kids when i can
-hour of trashy t.v. (watching gossip girl the news right now)
-a tidy house
-girls' nights out
-date nights

and i'm sure there's more to come. but - so far, so good.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I have been enjoying reading about your adjustment to life as a working mom. Your start date corresponded with my return to work after my maternity leave. I have had the temptation to idealize the life of a stay at home mom, but your posts help remind me to stay realistic in my thoughts. I feel sad to be missing out on so much of Elizabeth's infancy...but I also wonder if I would go a bit crazy staying at home all the time? I think part time work would be a good arrangement for me.