Friday, March 23

saturday's a rugby day!

as i was putting hiba and matthias to bed, i mentioned that i don't have to work tomorrow because it is saturday. to which hiba replied, with a huge grin, "'s...RUGBY DAY!". jason will be so proud.

so then we talked about rugby and it went a little like this...

me: yeah, it is a ruby day. we can go to the game tomorrow.
h: so, daddy will have to come back from the airplane, right?
me: well, no, he won't be back for the game, but we can still go even though he won't be there.
hiba: (look of total confusion. like she is trying to figure out how that is even possible)
me: i mean, there will still be a game and it will be at the rugby pitch, but daddy won't be there. we can still go and cheer for his team.
hiba: well, sometimes daddy is a stormer. so are there going to be stormers?!?! stormers are awesome!!
me: yep, that's right.
hiba: (huge smile) yay!! i love the stormers. (pause) wait, will there be any bad guys?
me: yep, memphis.
hiba: ooooooo. memphis. we don't like them. but we like the stormers! and do you know what?!?! i think that precious* is a stormer, so he will be there and i'll watch him play and yell "go precious go!". what do you think of that?

it's great to know that jason has her completely indoctrinated at such a young age. :-)

*precious is a guy on jason's team. his real name is patrick. he is not a creepy guy or a made-up friend, as some people might think that he is. 

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