Thursday, March 15

things i love (and hate) right now

1. this beautiful weather. i LOVE that my kids can play outside all day, the redbud tree blooming right outside my front window, the flowers popping up, the breeze, the way that warmer weather makes me happy.

but - i can't think about this summer and how miserable it will be. also, with spring weather comes spring allergies and sinus problems. a sinus headache with pressure making me feel like my face is going to explode is a less-than-fun way to wake up. thank God for sudafed (and that none of my family makes meth, so it's easy to get from the pharmacy).

2. books. matthias loves books. he spends hours (really, not exagerating), sitting on the living room floor, looking at books. he makes up stories or remembers a line here or there, and it is so cute listening to him. hiba likes to read too, and can memorize a book after hearing it one or two times.

but - i know, how can i hate books, right? well, they are all over the living room floor, all the time. and i love the books we have, but matthias does not really get the whole "be gentle" thing. which means they get stepped on and torn and then i get angry. also, they love the same books. as in, they love the exact same book at the exact same time (which leads to screaming and tearing) and they love to hear me read the same book over and over and over and over and over and over again. which, as you can see, i clearly love.

3. sand. we got matthias a sandbox for his birthday last september. but between the rain and the cold, the kids have not gotten to play in it much until the last week or so. and they LOVE it. the make cakes, they build hills, they have sand fights. what's not to love, right? and it keeps them entertained, happy, and relatively getting along for a large amount of time. which means i can do things like blog, look at facebook, clean the house. win-win.

until they come inside. which they do often. jason suggested that i just make them stay outside if they have been in the sand. they didn't really want to do that though. so they come in and out, or even just in at the end, and get sand EVERYWHERE. today, i have swept the floor 3 times. and not because i care about what it looks like. but because every time i sweep, there is a pile of sand from the exact spot that i just swept. there is sand on the couch. there is sand on the kitchen floor. there is sand on their beds. there is sand in the bathroom. and there is definitely sand on the floor by the backdoor. i'm pretty sure i will never sweep it all up. ever.

4. 17 months. that is the age difference between hiba and matthias. it is great, because they are basically on the same schedule and they are "best friends forever! yay!". they play games together, they read books together, they have picnics together, they run together, they laugh together. it is so fun to see them love eachother.

but. they also scream together. and hit. and bite. and argue. and scream. and fight. and fight. and fight. and fight. i have started just telling them "work it out" when they complain to me about the other one doing something, but that usually ends in hitting or biting. which, i guess is a way of working it out. but i would love it if they would find a way to solve their problems that didn't end in screaming and tears.

all in all, life is pretty fun right now. beautiful weather, lots to play with, kiddos who play together all day long. and as much as those thing sometimes annoy me, i love them all so much more. 

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