Friday, March 9

so blessed.

well, hello again. a lot has been happening around the pollack house. but more of that another day. today i want to brag on my in-laws. because they are awesome.

i know a lot of people don't get along great with their in-laws. and, i'm not gonna lie, there are times when the differences between me and my in-laws cause a little stress. but, overall, i am waaaaay blessed to have a monther-in-law that i like, that i like being around, and who loves me and my kids. i am so blessed to have a sister-in-law who likes hanging out with my kids and does it a lot. i am so blessed to have a second family that really is a family to me.

yesterday, i woke up with strep throat. i knew it was strep because i have the privilege of getting it about once a year. fun times. swollen glans, can't swallow, fever...awesome. and to make the day better, jason had rugby practice in the evening, and instead of being 70 degrees and sunny like it had been for the last week, it was cold and rainy. not the kind of day you want to be sick with two kids at home.

hiba was very sweet in the morning. she was so cooperative and even tried to get matthias to be good, although he wasn't really catching on to the mommy-is-sick-so-let's-be-super-good thing. so i texted lizzie (my sister-in-law) and kathy (jason's mom) to see if they would be interested in hanging out with my kids for a while. i was thinking a few hours so i could go to the doctor without them and maybe get a few hours of sleep alone, and they would get a few hours of human interaction instead of watching 17 hours of diego. because i am soooo not above them watching tv all day when i'm sick. don't judge me.

so, i got a text back from lizzie saying she would be there in about 30 minutes to get them. she came and picked them up, kept them all day, the kids ended up spending the night, and brought them back this afternoon.

so i got to sleep on the couch all day, go to the doctor without my two darling children, sleep some more, sleep until 10 this morning, get up, take a shower in peace, go get some food by myself, and come home and relax for a little bit before they got home. so even though yesterday was pretty awful for me (i HATE being sick. i'm a huge baby.), it was way better than it could have been. my kids got to hang out with their aunt, uncle, and grandparents, go to the library, eat real meals (because i'm also not above feeding my kids cookies or whatever they can reach for every meal when i am sick. don't judge me), and actually get attention. they even got to go to teen mops (because lizzie helps in the childcare) which is pretty much what hiba's week revolves around. she was pretty thrilled when she figured out she would not have to miss it. they were happy to be home and were so sweet to me today, making sure i'm feeling better and asking if i needed anything.

so today i'm definitely feeling better and although i know it due partly to the wonderful antibiotics i'm on, part of it is because i got to rest and let myself recover. so thanks, in-laws, for loving me and my kids and helping out. you all rock. 

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