Thursday, March 22

the week thus far (in short note form)

sunday: day before i start my job. trying to get everything ready for that. (babysitter - check. grocery shopping - check. laundry - check. bedrooms cleaned - check. ideas for the kids this week - check. coffee set on delay brew - check.) hear the news that jason's uncle (his dad's younger brother) has passed away.

monday: i start work. orientation begins at 7:30 a.m. jason closes at work. he's not home till after 11 p.m. i survive my day, even get some cleaning and house stuff done in the evenings, as well as a few hours of trash tv shows. awesome. think this will be easy managable. i stay up way too late waiting for jason to get home.

tuesday: first day of real work. i love it. a little more overwhelming, but the good kind of overwhelming. jason goes to the doctor and finds out he has nerve damage in his shoulder/neck/arm. still no feeling in half of a finger. no rugby for two weeks. thunderstorms cancel rugby practice, so jason's home for the evening. i get housework and dinner done again, think i'm getting the hang of this. jason and i stay up way too late hanging out and playing farkle. we toss around the idea of him going to new york for his uncle's funeral, but mostly decide he won't.

wednesday: second day of real work. i am exhausted. still really excited about the job. kids are doing well. a very loving and generous friend offers airline miles to jason. flight booked for thursday through late late saturday night. i'm glad he gets to go, but a little overwhelmed at the idea of being home with them alone this week. should definitely go to bed early, but instead have girls night in at jenny's with wine and sushi, but no early bedtime.

thursday: good day at work. i think i'm learning a lot and have figured out a lot of what i will be doing. haven't actually done anything yet, but we're getting there. get a call from the preschool that we were planning on having hiba and matthias start in april for them to tell me that they actually won't have an opening for hiba until may. but matthias has a space. bang my head on my desk. jason leaves for new york after coming home to frantically pack and give good-bye hugs and kisses. i immediately put in a pick-up order at pei wei and make the kids pbj for dinner. no attempt at housework or a real dinner. helped hiba clean up her room, let her play on my kindle, and promptly forgot she was still up since she was so quiet.

so now we're up to friday. (well, almost). one more day of work and then the whole weekend. there is a home rugby game we might go to if the weather is nice even though jason won't be there. there are parks and the library and the trolley - lots of fun stuff. there is also the couch and yo gabba gabba on netflix. we'll see what wins out. and jason will be back for sunday, so we can survive till then and then start a whole new week after that. hopefully week with less chaos, more consistency, a little bit of noramal. although i have a feeling that all of those words aren't going to apply to our lives for a while.

thank goodness that super grammy is coming to the rescue on monday!

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