Friday, March 16

my busy, busy week

so, you might be wondering what i have been up to all week. (i know you all deeply care about my every move. so of course you have been wondering...). well, wonder no more. i have been spring cleaning.

yep, that's right. every day, a different room. deep cleaning. it has made me realize that i need to do that more than just the spring. we aren't really gross or anything - i straighten and sweep and vacuum on a regular basis. and i wipe off any surfaces i can see. the problem is that i'm really short. spring cleaning. and i was actually motivated because i had to get it done this week. why? well, glad you asked.

because on monday, i start my new job! yep, you read that right. new job. full time. like a real, grown-up, go-to-work-everyday, this-is-what-i-want-to-do-when-i-grow-up type of job.

i am so excited about it. i will be working at easter seals in their waiver services program. i'll be doing part-time case management and part-time staff supervising. i'm excited about the challenge, i'm excited to be doing something that i think i will love, i'm excited that i got a real job that uses my degree that i don't have to go back to school for, i'm excited about interacting with adults on a regular basis. basically pretty excited.

i am more sad about the thought of not staying home than i thought i would be. i am ready for the change. i think that hiba and matthias will do well in pre-school and i think it will be good for them in a lot of ways. hiba is super excited about starting pre-school and matthias really has no clue about what is going on in life, so i haven't worried too much about telling him. we found a place really close to our house that is small and jason and i both like it, so i am excited to see how they do there.

it was a kind of hard decision. i have not been happy about staying home with the kids for a while. and it wasn't really getting better as they are getting older. i mean, there are days that i have loved, but overall - not my favorite. and jason was really great about understanding that. so we thought about it, prayed about it, talked about it, prayed about it some more and decided that this is a good decision for our family right now. it was hard. but something that i feel really good about, and i think (obviously i can't read his thoughts) jason feels really good about.

so, back to me. i applied for this job awhile back, when jason was gone for the weekend on one of his rugby trips. i applied for a lot of jobs that weekend. it was a long time of just me and the kids. so, a few weeks passed, i hadn't heard back from most of them (i didn't really expect to, mostly just practicing and polishing my resume), so i had kind of figured i would finish at estem this semester, which would be great, and look for something over the summer. and then easter seals called. and wanted to interview me. and then wanted to hire me. and actually offered me a different job than i even really applied for, because i am just that awesome. haha. (we'll see how awesome i am once i actually start working....ha.)

so, i start on monday. our life will drastically change on monday. a change that i am excited about. a change that i am nervous about. a change that i am very unsure about, yet so positive it is a good change at the same time. exciting stuff. scary stuff. crazy stuff.

so today, i clean the bedrooms. and then i'm done. yesterday was my last day at estem, so after the bedrooms are clean, i'm ready to go to work full-time. or at least the house will be clean and ready for me to go to work. and that means i'm ready too....right? 

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