Monday, March 19

one day down.

well, we survived today.

at least i think we did - jason is actually still at work, so we'll see when he gets home. haha.

it was actually a pretty easy day (again, at least from my perspective). jason has been closing most monday nights, so he was home with the kids this morning. the preschool they will be going to doesn't have a spot for them until the beginning of april, so the girl that has been watching them while i was at estem, christina, is coming to our house each day this week. so today, it was just a half day for her, which is basically what the kids were used to. so except that i was gone all morning, it was a relatively normal day for them. we'll see how they do tomorrow, when jason and i will both be working all day.

my workday was just orientation - general company info, paperwork, procedures, paperwork, rules, paperwork, and then more paperwork. so i didn't do anything that really pertains to my job, but i am still excited about it. i think that easter seals will be a really great place to work, and then little bit that i did learn about what i will be doing is pretty exciting to me.

and this evening was great too. the kids were in great moods, they were happy to see me, i was happy to see them, i was motivated to get the "home" things done. so the playroom is picked up, dishes in the dishwasher, kitchen straightened, bathrooms cleaned, kids bathed, bedtime stories read, and matthias is in bed. pretty good, if i do say so myself.

so, we'll see how tomorrow goes. tomorrow will be our first real day - both jason and i working all day, the kids with someone else the whole time, my job actually starting. i'm excited. optimistic about how this will work, still a little nervous, and quite curious to see how life is going to keep changing. i'll let you know how it goes!

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Hannah said...

Sarah, I'm excited for you. I hope these next few days go well as you all adjust.