Thursday, December 18

back in the motherland

we have arrived in the motherland. it's great to be here. my parents and rachel are loving hiba. i think they are also loving us, but mostly hiba. which is fine, because jason and i are getting a break.

let me tell you what i never want to do again - fly across the ocean with a child. unfortunately for me, we have to do it again in two months. i'm not counting down the days on that one. hiba was good - pleasant, happy, smiley, waving to everyone...just not sleeping. she slept for 1 hour out of 19. good times.

so, since we've been back in the motherland, i've enjoyed lots of dr. pepper, some cheddar cheese, a wonderful breakfast at cathy's corner, a yummy breakfast made by my dad, walmart, running (actually i didn't enjoy that, but i did go), and central heating. mexican food is on the menu tonight. bw3's will come soon.

Friday, December 5

Breaking News: Settlers Riot in Hebron

Yesterday, the Israeli military evicted a group of Jewish settlers from a home in Hebron. Both Palestinians and Israelis claim to own the house, and the supreme court in Israel had instructed that the settlers be evicted until the ownership claims could be settled. In response, groups of settlers have rampaged through Palestinian areas of Hebron. They have set homes and cars on fire, destroyed gravestones and defaced mosques, and fired guns indiscriminately into crowds of Palestinians.

Here is an account from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Here is another one from Haaretz. (Nadia Matar is quoted in this article. She is one of the leaders of the movement to take over Oush Ghrab, where our climbing tower is located)

Here is an account from TIME. (Update: I just realized that the man in the middle of the picture accompanying this article was one of the settlers who attacked us during a prayer service a few months ago)

I don't know what else to say. Please pay attention.

Here is an editorial from Haaretz.

Please pray for everyone here - enemies and all. Pray the Palestinian families will be safe today. Pray that the settlers' hearts will turn towards love. Pray for the soldiers as they are attacked by people of their own country. Pray that God's love and peace will somehow reign in Hebron today.