Tuesday, April 3

super grammy to the rescue!

last week, my mom came down for a few days to watch the kids and visit. it was great. i loved having her here, the kids loved having her here, and i think she loved being here. win-win-win.

there was a lot of reading.

a trip to the zoo.

lots of time playing outside.

fun bubble baths.

and best of all, stocking my freezer. (there was more. we've just already eaten it. yum.)

it made my second week of work much easier for me and jason and the kiddos. i'm so thankful that we get to live close enough to my family that we can see them easily. i'm also thankful that my mom was able to come down and take care of us for a few days. i'm even more thankful that she gave us trash week to do it. and if anyone knows my mom, you know that's a big sacrifice. :-) thanks, super grammy!

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jasonandchrista said...

Umm... when is she coming to my house?