Monday, March 12

just another monday

today was a beautiful day. i really love this early spring. although i'm not looking forward to july. but let's just focus on the positive.

anyway. hiba, matthias, and i took a little drive to russelville to meet up with my mom and my grandma at a park there. the kids played, we had lunch, and took a little walk. we ended up on a bridge over a little creek and taught hiba and matthias how to play "pooh sticks". oh my. sooo much fun.

what a big boy!
hiba being tall. even taller than grammy!
the see-saw! 
hiba and GG 
hiba, GG, grammy, and matthias
hiba picking out a stick for "pooh sticks"
so whiny and so cute. and he knows it. 
trekking to the bridge
drop the sticks in..... 
and fast, fast, fast, look on the other side!
the final stick 
on our way home, we stopped at wal-mart for a way overdue shopping trip. it was actually semi-enjoyable. we got a good parking spot, a big cart, the kids were in good moods, short line - it ended with no tears from anyone, which is sort of rare when i have to grocery shop with both of them.

when we got home, the weather was still gorgeous, so the kids played outside for the rest of the afternoon. matthias did want to come in at one point, as he was covered in sand and water, but he just hung out and looked at books and then went back out to play some basketball.

he shoots....he scores!!
hiba's castle
this is where she likes to sleep outside

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The Bishop's Wife said...

She is getting so tall! Such a big girl.