Saturday, February 18

zuzu, the ladies man

so last weekend when we were up at my parents, we went to a basketball game at JBU. we've taken the kids to a few others, and matthias was generally interested in the game in the past. not this time. he was most interested in running around, throwing himself on the ground when we told him not to run around, eating pizza, watching the "real golden eagle", and the halftime show.

for halftime, they had a gymnastic group perform. the girls had these cute little sparkly red uniforms and did tricks. matthias was mesmerized. he sat on jason's lap, completely still, the entire time. mesmerized.

fast forward to today. we were driving to kroger and passed a basketball court with some kids playing. matthias informed me, emphatically from the backseat, "i HATE basketball". (which sounded more like "i  HAY baffeball"). i said, "what?". he repeated, "i HATE basketball!". i said, "why?". and he responded, "i HATE basketball. i just want to watch the girls. at the JBU. i like the girls".

and he's only two. lord, help us. 

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