Tuesday, December 18

yesterday's numbers

*eyes that were red in our house when we all woke up in the morning: 2
*eyes that were pink, clearly turning red: 1
*cups of coffee drank by me alone: 4
*number of meetings rescheduled: 2
*google searches of "how to stop the spread of pink eye: 12
*number of slideshows of conjunctivitus looked at: 2 (it's like a train wreck - you can't look away)
*number of clorox wipes used to clean the kitchen: 17
*number of clorox wipes used to clean the doorknobs, light switches, etc: 5
*minutes of tv/playing games on our phones the kids had: 100
*minutes the of tv/playing games on our phones the kids usually have on weekdays: 20
*loads of laundry to wash towels and sheets: 3
*loads of laundry to wash any clothes that may or may not have touched my children: 3
*loads of laundry to wash hiba's doll clothes and blankets: 1
*loads of laundry folded and put away: 0
*minutes of exercise: 0
*minutes of sitting on the couch playing on my phone after the kids were in bed instead of exercising: 75
*tacos consumed by matthias: 4
*tacos consumed by jason: 3
*number of times holding matthias down violently and wrestling him, prying his eyes open to get drops in: 2
*number of days left that we get to do the above twice a day: 9
*number of margaritas i wanted: 12
*number of margaritas i had: 0
*number of donuts offered as a reward for getting eye drops even remotely calmly: 1
*number of donuts rejected outright: 1
*number of times i washed my hands yesterday: 57 (or somewhere around there)

1 comment:

Carol said...

Not to mention the hypochondriac itchy eye syndrome that I have inherited. Hope it all gets better! Here's to more eye drops.