Saturday, December 29

snowpocolypesmas continuted...

so by thursday, it was apparent that our power would not be on anytime soon. the estimates are still tuesday at the latest. they have fixed a lot of little rock, but our area has not even been started on because they are still assessing the damage. so i have zero hopes of it being on before tuesday, and minimal hopes that even that will happen.

but, the good news is that we have family close by. two families, in fact, both of whom have power. chickfila was back to being open on thursday, so i decided to bail on jason and head up to siloam to my parents house (wait, i feel like i was just there....). as i was at the gas station filling up, jason's mom texted that their power was back on. so, we decided to stay there for one night, do laundry, take showers, get a little organized, and then the kids and i would head up to siloam on friday for at least the weekend. and this way, jason had a warm bed too.

and, the best part was that the kids finally got to play in the snow! they had wanted to since waking up on wednesday morning, but seeing as we had no place warm to recover and then were at a hotel with no real good place to play outside, it just didn't happen. but, once we were settled in a gramma and papa's, the kids had naps pretended to nap, aunt lizzie was the hero and took them outside.


hiba lasted about five minutes, matthias lasted about ten. but it was a glorious five and ten minutes and lived up to all of their expectations.

so friday morning, the kids and i headed up to siloam. rachel was off work for the weekend, and my nana was visiting, so it was a great weekend to come up. plus they have power, so that made it even more appealing.

and when we got here, it was snowing. i felt like this was some horrible dream that i couldn't wake myself up from. luckily, it didn't stick to the roads and it was just enough to be fun and pretty, but not enough to knock down trees or ice roads.

first nap since christmas

snow is following me!!!

not a great picture, but i did not want to go outside. i'm over this snow thing.
so now, we are up in siloam, jason's in little rock, and the end is not clearly in sight. but, i did get to sleep in today, went out for some sister time last night, and the kids are loving being the center of attention for a few more days. i'm thankful that we have options and somewhere to go, but i am looking forward to being back home - hopefully any day now!

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