Monday, December 31

silver linings of a snowstorm

well, we are all back home. and honestly, the weekend turned out to be great. it was kinda chaotic, and definitely not what i had planned, but i was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

jason got to stay in little rock, he had a warm place to sleep, he got to work (which isn't super exciting, but he was out of vacation days for the year, so it's always good to make money), he got to work out and play touch rugby (which he broke his nose doing), and he got some guy time since me and the kiddos were gone.

hiba and matthias got a few more days to be the center of everyone's attention. we got to see my nana, who was visiting my parents house. i got to spend an evening out with my "little" sister (who is a real grown-up now. so crazy!), sleep in two days in a row (!!!), spend an entire afternoon with my bff, and see her and her kiddos again at church on sunday. bailey and hiba were instant friends and they kept saying they would be friends forever. it was super sweet.

so, it seems the snowstorm turned out to be a blessing. i am thankful to all be back home, in our own house, but i am also thankful for the great weekend that we all ended up having. 

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