Wednesday, December 12

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

well, it seems like christmas season is in full swing at our house. now, if only i would get around to shopping and/or even planning what gifts people are getting, we'd be set. there's always next week, right?

anyway, we put up the christmas decorations early this year, and i like them. jason and i put up the stockings and tree when the kids were in bed and they were sooooo excited and mesmerized when they woke up the next morning. hiba keeps telling me that she is trying to be really good until christmas so that santa will put good presents in her stocking. and at this point, i am completely fine with her thinking that's how it works.

our advent calendar. which i have totally not been keeping up with, but it looks cute.

hiba has also somehow learned all of the words to "santa clause is coming to town", which she sings to us on a regular basis. like every ten minutes. this has brought the whole santa issue to the surface, which i have so far successfully avoided. last night, she was singing, "he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake....hey mom, where is santa when he sees you? how does that work?". uhhhh. i answered something like, "well, what do you think?", to which she replied, "he's probably in his house". ok, sure. we'll go with that. and then she went back to singing.

and another great story about hiba and santa - i asked her if she has been good or bad and if she thought she would get good or bad things in her stocking.
hiba: well, a little of both. so i'll probably get good and bad things. i think i will get a new magic wand, and a real beer, and....
me: wait, what? did you say beer?
hiba: (giggling) yeah, because i said i would be getting good and bad things.


Stefanie said...

oh, I love that! Real beer!

Jerusalem Greer said...

oh Hib is too awesome! love that kid.