Saturday, December 22

he knows if you've been bad or good....

last night, we drove from little rock to siloam to celebrate christmas with my family. we timed it so that we needed to stop for dinner. we decided that we'd just get something to go and eat in the car, so we gave the kids the choices - burger king, mcdonalds, and taco bell. but then i took back taco bell, because it is nasty. true story. which i explained to matthias, because he wanted tacos. i told him my tacos are awesome, but taco bell just has nasty tacos. so we went to the much higher class establishment of mcdonalds. 

once we were on the road again, we were jamming out to christmas songs. and by jamming out, i mean jason and i turned the music up in the hopes that it would distract the kids from yelling at each other. "santa clause is coming to town" came on, which immediately made everyone happy. matthias started talking about how santa is the guy who brings you presents and if you are good, he brings you good presents. if you are bad though, he brings you bad things.

me: matthias, what kind of things does santa bring you if you are bad?
matthias: nasty beer, nasty food, nasty goldfish...
hiba: yeah! maybe he will bring you the food from taco bell!!

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