Saturday, December 29

christmas, round 2

we celebrated christmas day in little rock at our house. jason's family came over (minus his dad who was sick with the flu, or who "had a flea" according to hiba).

christmas eve - stockings are ready, presents are out, and new
christmas pjs!
before she went to bed, hiba told me, "you know what i really want in my stocking? it is so funny. and santa won't be able to bring it. but it would be so crazy to have a stocking INSIDE my stocking!" and lo and behold, santa delivered! (thanks to a random little stocking we had laying around. i have no idea where it came from. it's a christmas miricle!)

the kiddos loved their stockings. it's nice that they are so easy to give to and so happy with whatever they get. it was fun to see their excitedness.

after a big breakfast, we opened presents. there were just a few of them. 90% were for hiba and matthias.

after presents, jason and i went to see les mis, while gramma and lizzie stayed with the kids. it was AMAZING. if you haven't seen it, go see it. so good. while we were in the theater, it started sleeting. no big deal right? well, we got back home and liz and kathy went to go see it, and about a third of the way through, the theater lost power. it hadn't even started snowing yet. just sleet, and a little ice. it was here. SNOWPOCOLYPSEMAS 2012!!!!!!

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