Saturday, December 29


power was going out left and right. sleet was coming down. the roads were getting icy. snow was on it's way.

lucky for us, our power stayed on for quite a while. we charged our phones and realized how little we had prepared for big storms like this. we gathered a few candles, put towels by the doors, and made sure blankets were down.

then the kids went to bed and it was the perfect night. egg nog, a warm house, walking dead, snow falling, tree branches cracking in the distance. so peaceful.


so we went to bed in a warm house, heater running, big blanekts....and woke up to no power and house with the temerature droping by the minute. not my favorite way to wake up.

so jason went to work, or went to trying-to-figure-out-if-there-would-be-work. hiba and matthias played in the house, completely oblivious to how cold and miserable it was (which means it probably wasn't that cold and miserable and i am just spoiled and a wimp, but whatever), and i sat on the counch with lots of sweatshirts looking for hotels.

who doesn't love dress-up in a cold, powerless house?
so after talking to a friend who informed me that the hotel she was trying to get was already full and looking at the entergy power outage map that was getting more red by the second, i booked us a room at the embassy suites for the night. packing kept me pre-occupied and we headed over there after lunch. after a little drama (which was nothing compared to the drama that people after me had to face - worst customer service ever, high emotions, lots of cold people = crazy town), we got in our room. the kids enjoyed the pool, snacks, and the tv. i enjoyed being somewhere with heat. matthias enjoyed three breakfasts (gotta get your money's worth, right?)


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