Thursday, December 13

i have come to the realization that "baby weight" is not an appropriate term for extra weight that i have, now that my youngest child is 3. which is unfortunate, because i really like excuses. but, nope - can't call it baby weight anymore. once it is more than was there after the baby was born in addition to being 3 years later, it's just called weight.

so, i've decided that something needs to be done. at one point in my life, i characterized myself as an athlete. in my mind, i am still that way. still active, still exercising, etc. but in reality, i like to watch tv and i LOVE potato chips. which, is ok, as long as it is coupled with something besides those two things. and lately, it just hasn't been.

so this week, i started using MyFitnessPal on my phone. and i may be slightly obsessed with it. which is a good thing i guess. i'm hoping that it will get me back into the habit of eating healthy things, eating less snacks, making my calories count, and not just eating for the sake of eating. and in the few short days, i've learned a few things.

-you know how people tell you that when you are hungry that you can just drink a glass of water and most of the time that will help, especially if it is just during the day, not at a meal time? yeah. that is a lie. it just makes me realize that water is not nearly as tasty as chips.

-i have never wanted junk food more in my entire life than in the last three days. i can smell french fries from a mile away. and no matter what i tell myself, bell peppers just don't taste quite as good.

-one hershey's kiss has 22 calories. which means 15 hershey's kisses have 330 calories. walking from my desk to heather's desk, where the kisses are, 15 times a day does not burn 330 calories. this adds up quite quickly.

-i will skip snacks all morning so that i can have ranch dressing on my salads. and i will never be convinced that any sort of lighter, vinaigrette type salad dressing is "just as good, but in a different way".

-drinks, other than water, have a lot of calories. some are good, like juice for breakfast, but mostly they just take up the calories at a really fast rate. i mean, i knew this, but it's alarming to actually have to put it on my phone and watch the calories shoot up.

-i am much less likely to sit on the couch all evening and watch tv if i can't snack and drink a beer. for the first time in a long time, clothes have been promptly hung up, the dishwasher has been emptied and refilled each day, and we have had homemade dinner at home, each day. granted, "each day" is four days, but it's a start.

-i spend a lot of money on fast food. it's disgusting. that is going to stop.

-it is possible to figure out how much extra exercise i need to do in a given day in order to have a dr. pepper with lunch. i may have done this. only once though. so far.

hopefully this motivation will last, and i'll start being more healthy. obviously, i want to lose some weight, but mostly i want to get back into the good habits of eating good food, not just eating because i am bored, being more active, and being more organized in life. so far it's working - 4 days down, a lifetime to go. 

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