Saturday, December 29

christmas, part 1

what a week it has been! two christmas celebrations, eight inches of snow, power outages, one night in a hotel, two trips to siloam....i actually can't wait for next week when things go back to normal. fingers crossed. anyway, here's the start of the recap for the last week or so.

last friday, we drove up to siloam to celebrate christmas with the piston family. we were all here, and it was so fun to catch up with everyone. the weekend included lots of food:

lots of fun toys and activities:

fun with shaving cream!

matthias the hillbilly, hiba's name out of blocks, shaving cream
fun, and stringing beads. yay for grammy and oscar's house!

rachel's birthday:

hiba's gift to rachel

rachel and kane - her "family friend"

christmas and presents, of course:

singing christmas hymns

and the present chaos begins!

it's just what she always wanted! and art set!!

new baby from aunt kristin and uncle nate

and lights on the square:

downtown siloam - this is what hiba and matthias got to see

the real lights with the siblings

jason had to work on monday, so we headed back to little rock for round 2. stay tuned!

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