Monday, October 3

just what i needed

last week was a long week. i'm not really sure why. nothing in particular, just regular life with a 2-year-old and a 3 1/2-year-old. and most days being an emphasis on the longest days and looking forward to the shortest years. at any rate, by this weekend i was ready to be done.

friday started off pretty bad. we went to the zoo with some friends on friday morning, which i thought would be fun. beautiful day, animals, friends - what's not to love? well, apparently when you are 3 1/2 there is a lot not to love, like pretty much everything in life. so what could have been a fun outing ended in tears and screaming on pretty much everyone's part. so when i realized i still needed to go grocery shopping after naps, i was less than trilled.

but then my weekend took a very pleasant turn. naptime was extra long, i actually got to sleep, and jason called right when i was getting ready to leave to tell me he as on his way home. so we took a family shopping trip, which took half as much time and ended with everyone happy instead of melting down. which is always a much better way to go, in my opinion.

we got home, fed the kids, put them to bed and had an at-home date night. if someone would come do the dishes after those, they would be my absolute favorite. i love cooking with jason and we make some pretty yummy food. we made pizza with shrimp and veggies and pesto sauce using an amazing no-rise crust. i was a little skeptical, but it turned out really well and was super yummy. then we spent the rest of the evening catching up on our favorite comedies - gotta love some office and modern family. a rugby friend of jason's was in town, so then he went out with them super late, which meant i also got to watch grey's anatomy and go to bed early. win win for everyone.

on saturday, jason wanted to take matthias out for breakfast and then take hiba to the women's rugby game in the afternoon. which meant i would get to stay home all day (which was actually wonderful) and only have one kid. it was so fun. i think both hiba and matthias had a great time spending time alone with each of us and i know i enjoyed it. after jason got home from breakfast, he needed to run some errands and offered to take both kids! so in addition to sleeping in and only having one kid for most of the day, i also got an hour to myself. i literally did not know what to do with myself. i don't do well with unplanned free time - i think of all the things i should be doing and then just sit and watch tv because i can't decide what to do. so that's what i did. yay for college football.

sunday was pretty normal sunday - church, football, jason working out, family dinner, and bedtime.

i'm so glad that i got this weekend. sometimes you just need things like that. i'm so glad i got a lot of rest. i'm so glad that i got to spend some good, quality time with my kids that i actually enjoyed. i'm so glad that i got to spend time with jason. i'm so glad that he got a ton of time with the kids and we got a good amount of time as a family. it makes me feel like i can conquer the week ahead, even with all the craziness and meltdowns i know it is sure to bring.

i'll leave you with these. a little photo shoot of matthias while we were home on saturday afternoon. seriously, how cute is he?!?!  

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