Saturday, October 15

a little of this, a little of that

so after my overly dramatic post a few days ago, things are looking up. and really they weren't ever too bad. i think i'm just sleep deprived. my kids refuse to both sleep through the night and since jason usually has to get up at some ungodly hour, i'm on kid duty at night. which means i haven't gotten an uninterrupted night of sleep in, oh, two years. it can make a person crazy.


friday was way better than thursday. my friend who had been watching hiba and matthias had to go out of town due to sick family, so lizzie graciously volunteered to watch my kids. at our house. she did get to skip the afternoon of school, so i feel like she got a pretty good deal, but my kids got to nap, i got to watch gray's anatomy and we got to have a fun morning, so we got a good deal to. and when i got home from work, lizzie had made dinner and cookies and my kids had played outside so they were nice and tired and she gave them a bath after dinner. i told her she's like the mom i've always wanted to be. ha.

plus, i hired a new babysitter! yay! we met at chick-fil-a and i think she will be great. hiba talked her ear off and she didn't seem to mind, so i take that as a great sign. funny story - when i was hiring my first babysitter, i met a couple of them at chick-fil-a and the day ended by hiba peeing in the playground and us making a quick exit because of a lack of extra clothes. yesterday, the day ended by matthias having a massive blowout in his diaper (something that hasn't happened in months) and us making a quick exit because he was in socks and a diaper. fun times. luckily, this time around i had clothes in the car for him.

we even made it to the library! hiba got her own library card and checked out some books, which was actually quite anit-climactic. about a year ago, when i got my card, i held off on getting the kids' cards, because i was told they get a cute little bag and a free book, but at the time they were out. so instead of going back the next week, we waited a year and i was so excited about it, but she still didn't get anything cool and wasn't too impressed with her card. oh well.

last night, jason and i went to our first book club meeting. two other couples and us have started it, but it's reading optional. my kind of book club. the book read were supposed to read this month was nurture shock, which actually looks really interesting. we talked about race, poverty, intentional living, budgets, family was kind of a loaded night, but a lot of fun. i think there are a lot of diverse ideas within the group, even though it's only six people, but a lot of the same values and big ideas - just different views on how to get there. one of the couples have a "family plan" - basically an outline of their family values, what kind of life they want to have, what they want to provide for their kids, etc. - that they use to make life decisions. jason and i are totally making one, since as you all know we have no life direction way too many life directions. my head is spinning with ideas of what it will look like - move back overseas, start an intentional community here, move to the ghetto, get high-paying jobs and make a lot of money so we can give it away, homeschool our kids, send our kids to the worst schools here. lots of ideas and i'm excited to see where we go with this.

today jason has his first rugby game of the fall season. well, i guess last week was actually his first game, but he missed to to be at jbu homecoming to play in the alumni game. so he's gone all day, which means it's just me and the kiddos. i have big, exciting plans. laundry, dishes, grocery shopping. fun times. they have actually been playing together pretty well this morning (knock on wood), so we'll see where the day takes us.

tomorrow is service sunday at our church. i love our church. we're meeting at miss bev's house to do some yardwork and maybe fix stuff up inside and then have lunch with the ladies living there. i love that this is what our church is spending it's time and energy on. i love that this is what our kids' get to see on a regular basis as what the Church is. i'll probably write more about that another day.

and now my kids are screaming and probably biting. time to go distract with cheese crackers.

happy weekend!

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