Thursday, September 29

the longest days....the shortest years

i have a friend who has a blog with that name. it's full of fun stories about her kids. it's pretty great - you should check it out.

some days, i think that saying could not be more true. especially the "longest days" part. like this morning.  the kind of morning when they cry over what to watch on tv, over half of their toys are in "time out" because they won't clean them up, there is not enough coffee, and the fighting starts at 6:45 a.m. fun times. and i figure i have two options. i can yell and scream and be annoyed with them all day. or i can block out their fighting as much as possible, love on them, and try to focus on the positive. so here's to option number 2.

hiba has said some pretty great things lately. like yesterday, we were laying on the couch together and she looked at me and said "did you know that we used to have pineapple in our house?". um, no i didn't. she went on to explain "we used to have pineapple in our house when we were babies and then we ate it and now we aren't babies anymore because pineapples are for babies". ok then.

then this morning, she dropped some of her cheerios on the floor. i asked her to pick them up, which she did without throwing a fit (!!). she was going to throw them away because "they all have germs on them", but then she told me, "did you know that the floor sometimes puts protein inside the cheerios? not in all of them, but sometimes if you spill your cheerios then the floor puts protein inside of them and then you can eat them because they have protein instead of germs. just like chicken".

matthias is pretty cute these days as well. well, when he's not screaming or whining or biting. he's started "counting" and he is so proud of himself. yesterday, i was reading him the very hungry caterpillar and he was so excited to "count" all the food. there were 12 things on each page. only he always skips 2 and 7.

i also have a lot of conversations with him that go like this:
me: (yelling to him in the next room) hey, matthias!
matthias: (yelling back) what?
me: matthias! come here.
matthias: (walking out to me and looking annoyed that i interrupted his play time) what, mom? what?

anyway, it's good to be reminded that my kids are cute and fun and they really do love me and each other. and before i know it, they'll be grown and gone.

at least that's what i'm counting on - the second half of the saying better be true. :-) 

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