Monday, October 17

who knew mondays could be good?

jason has started working monday nights. while this is not my first choice when it comes time to put the kids to bed (especially weeks like this when he is gone every night except friday), it is pretty nice during the day on monday. especially since he isn't working over the weekend, so we still have the actual weekend to hang out and do things, but then we get an added bonus on monday mornings.

so this morning, we took a family outing to the state fair. i wasn't sure if it would be fun or an epic failure, but since it was free and jason was going with us, i figured we should take the chance. and i'm so glad we did. we had a great time and will definitely be making this a yearly tradition.

the kids got to ride several kiddie rides. hiba LOVED them. she and i even went on a little roller coaster and she absolutely loved it. as soon as it was over she wanted to do it again. that made my heart happy, since i am like a little kid when it comes to fun rides. i can't wait till she's old enough to take to a real amusement park. matthias did not love the rides as much. for being such a precocious kid, he sure is not a thrill seeker. he sort of like the tea-cups and he sort of like the car merry-go-round, but he didn't love them. but he did love the animals. especially the little cows. so we all ended up having a good time. i am so glad i decided to go this morning instead of waiting till friday (which is also free for kids from 9 - 11), because i'm not sure how that would have worked out. so yay for a fun start to the week - who knew mondays could actually be good?

Hiba rode on the first ride all by herself - she is fearless!  
That's my girl!

Even the train made Matthias a little nervous, but he had Hiba there to help him.

This was about as excited as he got on the carousel...and this was before we were moving. 

Hiba loved it!

This was Hiba's favorite ride

All ready to go on the roller coaster with mommy!

Another ride Matthias tolerated

Yay for cow!

He loved it in the animal area - so glad that he had some fun!

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Shannon, JackNHads said...

I'm glad you guys had fun! Wish we had more than a passing "hello". So, they made me ride the flying banana with Jack and that was a really un-fun experience. I'm sure those are not designed to fit anyone over 40 pounds! The rest was great, though!