Tuesday, October 25

all my children

hiba is going through a mommy stage. not a i-love-my-mom-so-much-that-she-is-the-only-one-who-can-hold-me-or-help-me-with-anything-and-if-anyone-else-who-may-love-me-like-my-dad-offers-to-help-or-hug-me-i-get-offended-or-throw-a-fit stage. no, that would be thing 2. it's sweet and all that he loves me, but it's getting a little out of control. i mean really, is throwing yourself on the ground the appropriate response to your dad asking if you want his help when you wanted your mom's help, but she is in the middle of making dinner and still standing in the same room as you, so what's the big freaking deal?


back to hiba. so she has the mommy bug. she spends the majority of her time alone (like during rest time, not like when we leave her at home or anything) taking care of her children.

it started with about five - missy sissy, baby hiba, bob the tomato (the mom, not to be confused with bob the tomato from veggie tales), farmer, and cowy. during her big girl rest time, she would set them up, read to them, give them baths, cook for them - you know, things like that. it was pretty cute.

Farmer, Bob the Tomato, and Baby Hiba

Story time!
 over the weeks, her children have multiplied. they now include (but are not limited to) daddy truck, baby truck, yellow bear, baby sasha, the purple elephant car (i think her name is just "the sister"), mommy lego, baby lego, and a whole lot more. basically any toy that is small and has a face is her child.

Hiba's ever-growing family

she sets up trains for them. she gives them boat rides. she still bathes and feeds them (which is impressive, since i stopped doing that when my children went from one to two. i can't imagine trying to bathe 27 or however many she has.), she plays with them, reads them bedtime stories. it's sweet.

Daddy Truck, Cowy, the Turtle, and Baby Truck. 
that is, until someone (i.e. matthias) tries to touch them. which is often, since she has taken over most of the toys, including cars and trucks which are technically his. let's just say she's a very protective mom. and he has not yet been named the adoptive father. every once in a while he seems to be granted supervised visitation rights.


Kimberly said...

I am so cracking up at work right now. (Oh, and go feed your kids!) ;)

Stefanie said...

Dear Hiba,
I love you. Please stay hilarious forever.