Wednesday, October 3

sick days

it all started about 12:15 friday night - or i guess saturday morning to be more exact. as i was sleeping soundly in my bed, i heard matthias crying. so i did what every great mom does...roll over and hope he goes back to sleep on his own. after a few minutes, it became clear to me that he was not going to just fall back asleep, so i got up to see what was wrong.

turns out, he had a good excuse. it's hard to lay back down and go to sleep when there is throw-up all over your pillow. so i got him up, cleaned him off, changed the sheets, started a load of laundry, and put him back to bed. ten minutes became apparent that this might be a long night. i repeated the previous process, except decided to have him lay on the couch with me to see if he would be throwing up again, because we were out of clean sheets that fit on his bed. so we laid/sat for a few minutes, and then rushed to the bathroom for round number three.

so i spent the rest of the night not sleeping very much, crushing ice as quietly as possible (which turns out is not very quiet), doing four loads of laundry, getting thrown up on, and snuggling with my little boy.

this is how matthias spent most of saturday.

he would not sleep on his bed or the couch -
he wanted the living room floor
it was actually a decent day for me. jason got up about 7:30, so i hopped back into our bed and slept till about 11:45. jason had a home rugby game, so he went to that, i got hiba lunch, and then sent her off to the game with grandma. so it was just me and matthias for most of the day. and he's a pretty good patient. he mostly wants to be left alone, except for when he doesn't. and when he wants attention it is usually a drink, a hug, or a popsicle, all of which take approximately four seconds until he wants to be left alone again. so i enjoyed watching football, organizing life, and having a chillaxed day. not to bad.

sunday morning, he still didn't feel great. hiba and i went to church, and matthias did more of this:

by sunday afternoon, he was back to his normal self and feeling great. monday was a fairly normal day. i had washed all the sheets and sanitized everything in our house. we were in the clear.

or so i thought.

monday night, the bug got me AND jason. talk about horrible. the only good thing about being sick is the knowledge that a) i have sick days and b) the kids' daycare is open. but, when both parents are sick, i felt a little iffy about sending them to daycare, and jason didn't want to. so, we kept them home. luckily for me, i am a much bigger baby than jason is when we are sick, so i got the bedroom and he got the couch, which means he also got to watch awesome kids t.v. shows and get them dressed, take care of them, etc. while i closed the bedroom door and pretended no one else existed. super grandma came to the rescue sometime mid-morning (since i shut myself in the bedroom and ignored everything in life, i really have no idea when) and kept the kids till about bedtime. we both started feeling betterish in the afternoon, so i went to kroger to get what every sick person needs - ramen noodles and sprite. i'm sure both of them greatly added to our recovery.

this morning, jason was back to normal, but i was still not feeling great. i will be the first to admit that i milk being sick for all i can, but after spending two days in the house due to this stupid bug, i really was ready to get out of the house. but a pounding headache, chills, and achiness made me think that my co-workers would be less than thrilled if i decided to go back to work. so i helped get the kids ready, loaded them into the car, and went back to sleep.

i woke up about 1 p.m. and felt great. i still had a bit of a headache that could be attributed to dehydration, lack of caffeine, or sinuses, so i took drank a glass of water, a cup of coffee, and took some ibuprofen and sinus meds and felt great pretty quickly. a large burst of energy led to me rewashing all of the sheets, towels, and dirty clothes, and sanitizing everything in the house. now our house is sparkling clean with fresh smelling sheets, and house smells like sanitizing spray - which, ironically, makes me want to throw-up. so, knock on wood, we beat the bug and are all back to normal.  

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