Thursday, September 27

the apple restaurant

do you ever have plan that you know will either be really great or a horrible disaster? well, i had one of those today.

there is a mexican restaurant right down the road from our house. we go there all the time. next to the restaurant, there is another little deli - apple spice junction, better known at our house as "the apple restaurant". one day, several months ago, i suggested that we go there for dinner. well, turns out, it is only open monday - friday for lunches. so, no big deal, we ate mexican instead.

fast forward to the last few weeks. hiba has taken a big interest in the apple restaurant. and she asks when we can go there almost every time we pass it, which happens to be every morning and afternoon, to and from work. but the problem is that both jason and i work full time, so going somewhere that is open only for lunch on weekdays is a little tricky. we explained this to hiba, and her solution was that next labor day we can eat there. labor day is a holiday, and a weekday, and she does not have school on labor day, so we can go there. we explained that it is probably closed on labor day, so she suggested halloween. we explained that halloween is not a school holiday, just a fun holiday. so she gave up, but still talked about it a lot.

fast forward to today. hiba had a therapy appointment at the dennis center at 1. which meant that she and i could have a lunch date - at the apple restaurant! i told her on tuesday and she was SUPER excited. she told me that she would tell her teachers that they did not need to give her lunch on thursday because she was going to lunch at the apple restaurant with me. and she told them. every five minutes for the next two days.

and then i realized that this might not be a great idea. because apple slice junction is a deli. hiba doesn't like sandwhiches. unless it's pbj, which i was pretty sure was not on their menu. mostly on their menu is things like chicken salad, potato soup, and other "weird" food (according to hiba). awesome. so the thing that she is super excited about is going to be awful to her. it will not meet any of her expectations, it will not have anything she is interested in eating, and it will not be the way it is supposed to me. she will not like anything on the menu and have a huge meltdown and i will drag her out kicking and screaming.

and then i realized that they have cookies. and as long as i'm ok with it, she will gladly eat cookies for lunch. and they probably have cheese sandwiches, which she will probably eat. and as long as i decide to be chill, it will be great.

so this afternoon, i checked her out of school (after her lunchtime at school, which i did warn her about, but still stressed her out since she TOLD them she was eating lunch with me, but they gave her lunch anyway....), and we headed off to the apple restaurant. they had a kids meal that came with a sandwich, chips, a drink, and a cookie. she said she would try the cheese sandwich. but she just wanted water and no potato chips (which was fine with me since it meant a free drink and extra bag of chips for me). we got to sit at this little bar-type table, with high chairs, which she loved. she tried the cheese and didn't like it, but ate the bread and the cookie. which is a great lunch.

and she LOVED it. she told me a million times how excited she was that she got to try the apple restaurant. how it was so fun just hiba and mommy. how she was a big girl sitting in the big chair. it was great.

and i totally knew it was going to be a great idea all along.