Thursday, October 4

boys will be boys

*the other day, matthias told me and jason that he wants to have 10 kids. after telling him that he is crazy, i asked him what he would name his kids. he thought about it and then answered very thoughtfully, "ummmm, hiba....and, ummmm POOPY! and PEEPEE. hahahahahahahah!".

*yesterday, after everyone in our house was finally over the sickness (knock on wood), we had this conversation -
m: are you still sick?
me: nope, all better!
m: oh, good. now we have someone to take us to (, thinking he will say pre-school) POOPY POTTY! (lots of laughter).

*and last, but not least, yesterday hiba and matthias were playing outside when they came running into the house, matthias screaming after hiba. hiba ran into the bathroom and matthias sat outside the door, crying.
me: why are you crying?
m: the bathroom is outside! we are pretending the bathroom is outside!
me: well, that's fun to pretend, but if hiba really needs to go potty, she needs to come inside because girls can't go potty outside.
m: (suddenly cheered up) but boys can!
me: well, yes, but...
and before i could say anything else, matthias was out the door and to the middle of the yard.

awesome. boys will be boys. 


Mark Currey said...

he's gonna thank you for that pic someday... maybe the slide show at his wedding?

sarah said...

most definitely! that's the whole point of having kids, right? to take embarrassing pictures and get embarrassing stories from them to share at public events later in their life?