Tuesday, October 16

kitchen makeover!

so jason and i are both taking the week off, for our (i think) first real family vacation since we moved back to the US. we have had long weekends, jason and i went to china, but we haven't had a vacation week where we could just make our own plans.

so far, it's been great.

we spent monday and tuesday at home, working on some much needed projects. we sent the kids' to pre-school so we could get as much done as possible. and i think it was a success.

we did some little projects - caulking/spot painting our baseboards and quarter-round, changing out our back screen door, cleaning behind the fridge - little things like that.

and then, we painted our kitchen.

on sunday night, jason and i realized we have never done any home improvement projects together, so i wasn't sure how it would go. i mean, i love him and i think we are a great couple, but we also have some pretty strong opinions about everything, so it could be a disaster. but it wasn't. it was so fun to do a project with him and to actually get it all done.

not my favorite look...

first coat!
trying to figure out what i'm doing....
window sill with a splash of color

still figuring out the whole panoramic thing...but you get the point. 
i was a little super nervous about the color, but i love it. i will be looking for accent pieces, but i am very happy with it. and jason is excited that our backsplash is done. so win for both of us.

tomorrow we are off to ft. worth to visit some friends - yay!

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