Wednesday, September 12


funny the difference a day makes...

*a two hour nap, thanks to some personal time from work.

*a cooperative little boy getting ready for bed, even if it was only because he is obsessed with playing games on my phone.

*a dance party with hiba including "i got a feeling", "God made me", and "dog days are over".

*a super wonderful little girl who loves to follow the rules, simply because they are rules.

*beautiful weather that means i can turn the ac off for a big part of the day.

*a sudden burst of energy that resulted in a clean(ish) house and five baskets of laundry folded.

*ice cream in the freezer to bribe reward matthias for putting his laundry away.

*full TEFRA funding approval for hiba, taking a huge weight off my shoulders.

*a cheap nice bottle of wine to share with my awesome husband at the end of long day. 

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