Tuesday, September 11


disappointments today - some bigger, some small, so trivial. and they will all pass, they will all be ok. but they are still disappointing. 

*watching the u.s. open and realizing i will probably never be the best in the world at anything.

*having a conversation with hiba and realizing her symptoms of autism will probably be around for the rest of her life. 

*watching matthias throw a tantrum, and another, and another, and another and realizing this phase of life may last longer than i was hoping.

*snapping at matthias after his billionth fit for the evening and realizing that i don't give him nearly enough patience as i should.

*watching the master chef finale and realizing that i don't have the time or energy to dream big, and realizing i don't know when i will.

*reading a friend's blog and realizing she got to go walk the streets of bethlehem again before i could.

*hearing about jason's doctors appointments and realizing we may be spending money on wrist surgery instead of trips i want to take.

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Hannah said...

If it's any consolation at all, I thought of you multiple times a day, and Tom was probably sick of hearing about "When I was with Sarah and Jason..." I even went back to St. John's and got my mother a ceramic dish.