Monday, September 17

birthday weekend!

this weekend was all about matthias. we had a great time celebrating him and his big three years.

birthday pictures!!
on saturday, hiba, matthias, lizzie, and i drove to clarksville to meet up with my parents for a birthday party. clarksville is pretty much halfway between siloam and little rock, so it's a great meeting point for me and my parents.

we started out at the clarksville bowling alley. for anyone who has every been to or driven through clarksville, the bowling alley is pretty much everything you might imagine it to be (or not to be...). but, matthias had fun and loved that it was all about his birthday party.

matthias and grammy cheering on the bowlers
hiba and oscar
watching the slowest bowl in the history of ever
yay! we knocked some down!!
but, disappointed we didn't get it in the gutter....
matthias didn't really get the point. oh well. he had fun.
after a riveting bowling game, we headed over to sparda park since the rain was holding off for some cupcakes and presents. there was the added bonus of the pirate ship park, which was a hit once matthias was fully assured that he would in fact get cupcakes even if he did play on the playground first.

pirate playground!
birthday cupcakes!
makin' a wish!
birthday boy!
cupcake face!
hiba's "cupcake face".
not sure where she came up with that.

hiba riding while matthias was picking
out a present with oscar
jason had a rugby game on saturday, so sunday birthday day number two. it started with breakfast at ihop.

matthias enjoying scarfing down his create-a-face
followed by church, a long nap, and then a great visit with some wonderful friends who were in town for the day to pack up their house as have moved to texas. the perea kids were some of hiba's best friends, so it was a super special treat to be able to see them again.

the perea, spenst, and pollack kids pushing the truck to texas
next up - what birthday celebration is not complete without a visit to senior tequilias!
and finally, back home for more cupcakes and presents with gramma, daddy, mommy, and hiba.

puzzle from hiba
angry birds shirt from grandma!
angry bird!
superhero mask and cape from daddy!

captain underwear!
i absolutely love that matthias loved his birthday, even without my obsessive prodding. happy birtthday, buddy boy!

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