Tuesday, August 2


yesterday, this came in the mail.

which means, we are really going to china. not we are going to china, as long as i remember to actually get our visas before we go. but we are actually going. in two weeks. for two weeks. with no kids.

to say i am excited is a bit of an understatement. i am really, really, really looking forward to this trip. i love my children. i even love like traveling with them. we've had some fun trips. but i LOVE traveling with jason. we're a good pair. we have a lot of fun. we take cool trips. we do did in our past life cool things like quit our jobs and go on a 40 day road trip around the western US. we moved to palestine. we went to jordan. we went to turkey. and these were all trips that would not work well with kids. or at least would not work well with me and kids. it's not so much that we actually "rough it" on these trips, but we always find trouble or adventure that would not work while toting around two small kiddos.

so two weeks in china, just me and jason. we're going to visit jason's brother who is living in western china, studying chinese and living life. he got married last october to a chinese woman named yaqin, so we get to meet her. we're planning on hitting the big tourist sites in beijing, but otherwise we'll just be hanging out with marty and yaqin, seeing where he lives, meeting his friends, eating their food (well, jason will be anyway....i'm not so adventurous....i'm taking a big box of granola bars). he lives in a place with a lot of muslims and our trip falls right in the middle of ramadan. i'm looking forward to seeing ramadan in a different culture and hoping to share an iftar or two with his friends.

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Kim said...

Wow! I'm officially jealous of your next travel adventure. Sounds like a great trip!! Have safe and wonderful travels.