Tuesday, August 16

we're in china!

i know this post title is a little ovbious and not clever, but we are and it's still hard to believe we are actually here. it was a very uneventful trip, no major kinks. it's great to be here. but more on that later. here are some thoughts from our trip over.
*traveling without kids is so extreamly different and easier than traveling with kids. we got to sit in our own seats, eat our own food, watch movies, sleep, get up and go to the bathroom, not push a huge stroller through the airport, not pack an embaressingly large amount of stuff, sleep. jason says it was like the difference between walking and driving across the country.
*bringing my own pillow on the plane was probably the best decision of my life. well, at least in the top ten. jason told me i would be annoyed at having to carry it around everywhere, but it was not nearly as annoing as it was awesome to have it to sleep with. it was even more awesome because my husband is wonderful and let me lean on him and take up half his seat due to the lack of children traveling with us.
*when we pack, perhaps it would be helpful to check the weather in the place we are visiting, not just assume it will be the same as where we are coming from. i mean, i guess i didn't really assume it would be the same, but i didn't think that through real clearly. a jacket would have been a good thing to throw in my suitcase.
*suckerpunch may be the dumbest movie i have ever seen. and i've watch all three twilight movies, so that's saying something.
*when we were traveling, we saw things that made me think "oh, that's fun. hiba would really enjoy that. we should have brought her". and then i missed my kids for a moment and then remembered the seven hours of sleep i got on the plane.
*chinese fashion sense is awesome. we saw so many wonderful outfits in the beijing airport. i wanted to take pictures, but i thought that would be rude. i also wonder if the people who make shirts with english writing on them know what they are saying and just enjoy putting random words together for other people to wear.
*chinglish signs are also awesome. i have started taking pictures of those. which i know is what everyone does, but they are still funny to me.
we walked around xining (the city that marty and yaqin live in) today and we'll probably go out again this afternoon so we don't fall asleep. so hopefully tonight or tomorrow i'll write a little about that and put up some pictures. so stay tuned!


Kim said...

Have a great time! I look forward to seeing pictures...especially of those "chinglish" signs.
And your post is a reality check about what traveling will soon be like for me and my husband. I will enjoy every moment of my last kid-free trip to the US in September!

Ramón said...

I'm so bummed I'm not there to welcome you. Enjoy our city!

Carol said...

Exciting! Can't wait to hear more about it!