Saturday, August 20

china is awesome!

so china is pretty awesome so far. we havne't done much except walk
around and lived life with marty and yaquin. we have met a lot of
their friends, ate a lot of food, walked a lot, rode in a lot of scary
vehicles, seen a lot of cool things. it's been fun.

unfortunately, the internets is a bit on the slow side, so uploading
pictures would take approximtely one hour. for real. so those will
have to wait till we get home.

last night, we had some of marty and yaquin's friends over for dinner
and i taught yaqin how to make american food. we made hummus (which
isn't american) and alfredo (which isn't really amerian either). it
tunred out pretty good, which is amazing since i made it using woks
and chopsticks. for real.

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