Wednesday, July 5

Shameless self-indulgence. Look at my pictures

We visited Garden of the God's twice while we were in Colorado Springs. Here are the favorite pics from those visits.

This is the best scenic shot that we got while we were there. The sun was setting so part of the mountain was shaded from the sun.

This is Sarah after we successfully climbed to the top of a mountain (at least that is what we'll be calling it). Unfortunately it started pouring down rain on the way back down, so our enthusiasm was a bit muted.

Sarah and Jason with some of the Jackson clan. It was so fun to hang out with these friends from when I (jason) lived in Austin. We had some amazing hosts while we were in the Springs, so thanks Borkets, Jacksons, and Trevor. If any of y'all want to stay with us (when we have a home that is) come right on.