Wednesday, August 3

too hot!

yesterday was laundry day.

and surprisingly enough, i actually did all of the laundry. that's not actually that unusual, but i actually put it all away the same day that is was washed. i think that's happened, like, twice. ever. i even color coordinated my closet when putting my clothes away.

you may remember a few weeks ago when i wrote this post about how hiba is getting old enough to do jobs. like put her laundry away. and how excited i am that we have reached that point. and how she has a cute little sticker chart for when she does a job.

the problem with the sticker chart is that she finished it on a sunday. and she wanted ice cream from chick-fil-a as a treat. only they aren't open on sunday, so i kind of didn't make a big deal out of it. and then monday came and something happened so we didn't go get ice cream. and then tuesday, wednesday, yadda, yadda, yadda. so the sticker chart is still on the fridge, complete, but no ice cream yet. that was like a week and a half ago. (see, i really do never fold laundry).

so last night when i folder her laundry, i didn't let her put it away. i mean, i gave her the option, but when she protested even just a little, i did it for her. and i only gave her the option because she caught me - i was totally just going to do it. so she didn't put it away, which means she didn't get a sticker, which means she didn't remember that she has a completed sticker chart and is owed an ice cream cone, which means i didn't have to leave the house when there was a heat index of 116 to go to chick-fil-a.

does that make me a bad mom? or just a mom that is reeeeeeeeally tired of this heat?

(if the answer is yes to the first questions, it's rhetorical.)

(i think a visit to chick-fil-a is on the schedule for today.)

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