Monday, August 8

saturday's a rugby day!

this weekend, we went to memphis for a rugby tournament. jason takes the summer off from rugby, which i am very thankful for. but it was fun to get in on one tournament and i know jason enjoyed playing. as an added bonus, some of our really great friends, kristina and rhys, came with us! they moved her from the UK a few months ago and rhys was going through rugby withdrawals, so they came along and he got to play some games. it was really great to see them and i was glad that kristina was there for me to hang out with.

after the tournament, we headed to downtown memphis for a night out. rhys hadn't ever been to memphis, so we thought we'd hit up beale street.

at dinner

no-teeth smiles due to the ribs that were stuck in our teeth

yay for friends!

the hampton inn in the background is where jason and i stayed on our way home from our honeymoon, and we hung out in this park while we were in memphis. awwwww.

despite the awful heat, the very early morning, and the total lack of sleep for the weekend, it was a great time. and totally worth it.

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