Thursday, May 5

things i love

i love the weather these days. not too hot, not too cold, not too humid. we are soaking it up while we can.

i love that my kids love watching tv, but that they don't watch a lot so it's still a treat. and it totally captures their attention, which allows me to drink coffee, blog, and check facebook.

i love that matthias and hiba are best friends. hiba likes doing things alone a little bit, but if matthias and i go somewhere without hiba (which happens almost never), he just stresses out the whole time about where hiba is. and then they greet each other with huge hugs when we get back.

i love that matthias is trying to talk. even though i think my theory about him being quiet because hiba talks so much is going to be proven false. he is talking so much. and repeating himself so much. and doing this very loudly. but it's cute.

i love that my kids love books. hiba memorizes them and "reads" them to matthias. i have tried to get a video of this, but every time i pull out the camera, they stop being cute and start being goofy. i need to be more sneaky.

i love that my husband likes it when the kids get up before he leaves for work (well, unless he leaves at like 6. then no one likes it). this morning he said he was about to leave and was sad that he didn't get to see them, but then they woke up, so he stayed so he could get them up (which lucky for me includes changing diapers) and see them. this meant that i was awakened by jason coming sweetly in to my room, followed by hiba and matthias who were excited to see me, instead of being awakened by their cries, screaming, and/or wet diapers.

i love cooking. now that jason is done with rugby, we have dinner a lot more evenings, so i've been cooking a lot more. it's fun. and yummy. and since both adults are home, we try to make hiba and matthias eat what we're eating. maybe one day they will learn to appreciate the wonderfulness that is the food i make.

i love that i finally decided to start lifting weights instead of just doing cardio for my workouts. i like to think it's working well.

i love that matthias likes to sing "Jesus loves me" and pray before he goes to bed. he tries to sing along - by singing "Jesus" and "bible" the whole time - and he always starts praying by saying "dear Jesus, zuzu", meaning "dear Jesus, thank you for matthias". it is so sweet and precious.


Rose Ann said...

i really like this post. and i really like you. i cant wait to see you!

kristina said...

oh sorry that comment was me, kristina, but i guess i was signed in as my mom....