Monday, April 25

E is for Easter...and ER

i have decided to stop making plans. because they never turn out. seriously, anything from grocery shopping to when i'm gonna work out to birthday parties to holiday celebrations. plans down the drain. it always works out and ends up being ok, but just not the way i planned it.

take this weekend, for example. i planned to have a nice easter lunch with our family and jason's family, followed by a fun easter egg hunt for the kids. we would all be dressed up in our cute spring clothes to get some nice family pictures before church. we'd go to church as a family (for the first time in forever....) and have a sweet conversation with hiba about what easter means.

but in reality, matthias spiked a fever on saturday night. i figured it was mostly just teething and he's sleep it off. but then he woke up at 6 a.m. on sunday morning and still had a fever of 102*, which meant no church for us. and no family pictures.

hiba looked adorable when she went to church. but of course i didn't get any pictures because matthias was glued to me and melted down if i let go of him. there's always next week, right?

and in reality, when i went to wal-mart on saturday to get easter candy and eggs, i was so overwhelmed and disgusted by all the crap they were selling in the name of easter that i couldn't bring myself to buy any of it. we had a few eggs at home already from various other activities, so i figured i'd use those.

we did have a nice easter lunch. liz and tom (jason's younger sibblings) spent the night with us on saturday and spent sunday morning/afternoon with us. their mom is out of town, visiting her brother in florida. i roasted a chicken (and did a pretty dang good job, if i do say so myself). it was a great meal. but - still no pictures, because i was distracted by matthias's morose self and furnace-like body.

so, we put the kids down for a nap, and i figured we'd do an egg hunt/really-great-spiritual-conversation with hiba when they got up.

but in reality, matthias woke up still burning up, coughing like a seal, and not catching his breath (i feel like we've been through this once or twice before.....). so, i scooped him up and took him to children's. turns out, he's fine, but i'm still glad i took him. they checked his ears and throat to rule out ear infections/strep, which means i didn't have to waste my time at the doctor this morning to hear he has croup. which i already knew, based on his coughing. so, they gave him a steroid dose and sent us home. which meant at least we didn't have to go back in the middle of the night.

so at the hospital, i finally got my easter pictures. only instead of being of our family, they're of just matthias. and instead of being all dressed up, he looks pretty dang cute in his pjs.

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