Sunday, May 29

bored + too much time + airports= rants

just a little ranting. Because I'm bored. First, when I am rich I am going to build an airport that has outdoor waiting areas. I have been in plains and airports since 6 am. Blech. Second, when I am rich, I'm gonna hire a travel agent to book all my awesome trips and their only job will be to fight with the airlines when they try to give me stupid iteneraries and layovers. I just feel like there is probably a more efficient way to get to the bahamas from little rock than three flights and seven hours in airports.

I survived the first two flights fine. The first plane was so loud. It as small but not that small. At one point, the captain started talking and you could barely hear him. The second flight was a little bumpy, but I avoided throwing up all over the little kid in front of me, so it was all good. At least I wasn't watching "lost" like I was the last time I was on a rough flight. Also, did you know they charge for snacks on planes now? Or at least on continental. The graciously gave us a complementry beverage and that was it. We could buy pretzels if we wanted. For like $3. Um, no thanks. It was probably better that way so I didn't lose it all when our pilot was attempting to "land".

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