Monday, May 30

and the ranting has stopped...

I am on the beach. It's amazing. So far today, I've slept till I woke up on my own, had breakfast and lunch that was made for me, not made my bed, not cleaned up anything, sat on the beach, had yummy drinks and snacks while sitting on the beach. And that's about it. This afternoon we have a sailing lesson, dinner reservations, and a show to go to. I know, busy busy busy.

I want to take a minute to brag on my husband. He is amazing. Really. So huge thanks to him for makng it possible for me to dit in the beach today thanks to his hard work. Also, a HUGE shoutout and thanks to the pollacks and my aprents for watching the kids. Last night, I as thinking of what we would do today and it took me several minutes to realize I don't have to plan around nap time. Well, the kids' naptime at least. So thank you.

So. I'm gonna go sit by the pool while I wait to go sailing. I'll try to post pictures tonight or r tomorrow from christa's iPod. Mine doesn't have a camera. But it is beautiful and so great to hang out with my bff and do nothing. Ahhhhhhhh.

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