Monday, May 9

all about me

i like weekends that are all about me.

like this last weekend. jason and the kiddos did an excellent job of pampering me for mother's day. it started on saturday morning, where jason got up with the kids and took them garage-saleing (not really sure how to spell that....). they had a great time and i got to sleep to my hearts content and wake up to an empty, clean house. bliss. i don't know the last time that happened. jason does a great job of letting me sleep in one weekend day each week, but i always get woken up by the screams of joy from our little friends. but not this week. i got to wake up to pure silence.

and it just got better from there. while the kids were napping, we got some yard work done (which might not sound too fun, but our yard is a complete wreck, so it was nice to see some progress). then we took the kids to jason's parents house for the night.

jason told me that we could go eat anywhere i wanted or we could make whatever i wanted. i really love cooking, especially with jason, and especially with no kids, so we opted to stay home and cook. which turned out to be an excellent choice. we made lemon chicken ravioli with tomato artichoke sauce. which was every bit as wonderful as it sounds. we made whole-wheat pasta from scratch and used all fresh ingredients (well, the artichoke hearts were canned), and it was delish. add a great bottle of sauvignon blanc and you have one meal to die for.

the pampering continued on sunday. it started with a yummy omelet stuffed full of my favorite things - bacon, feta cheese, and spinach. and it just kept getting better from there. i think i changed one diaper all day and didn't wash a single dish. we had jason's mom, brother, and sister for lunch and they all cooked while his mom and i sat on the couch. we had steak, baked potatoes, and grilled veggies - another wonderful meal (there seems to be a theme developing....).

i love my kids, but sometimes i need a break. and this weekend was one of those times. it was so fun to hang out with jason, relax, not have a to-do list. i think the gift of rest is sometimes overlooked, and we feel like we need to get stuff - cards, teddy bears, flowers, chocolate. and while i will take any of those things, i loved my restful weekend.

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Bekah said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend. I have decided that next year I just want them to go grocery shopping for me, that would be a huge blessing!! Forget the gifts, just give me a day off from having to go to the grocery store!