Tuesday, May 17

little moments

sometimes i have bad days with my kids. i know, hard to believe, right? ha. anyway, it's true. it seems like hiba's new favorite thing to do is follow matthias around and take things from him so he'll scream. matthias' favorite thing to do is answer "no!" while shaking his finger at me and then react to a spank on the hand with an ear-splitting scream. this is what a lot of my days are filled with recently. fun times.

but every once in a while, there are those moments. moments when they love each other. moments when things we have been saying to them click. moments that make my heart melt.

last night, matthias went to bed at 7. he went without a fight, which is actually rare these days. but as eager as he was to go to bed, apparently he wasn't so eager to go to sleep. so when hiba's 8 o'clock bedtime rolled around, jason and i opted to go ahead and put her to bed in their room (they share a bedroom) and hope that they would fall asleep eventually.

well, they didn't go to sleep very quickly. they were getting pretty loud and it was getting annoying and i was about to get up to tell them to be quiet when jason called me back to stand outside their door. and what we heard was so sweet.

hiba was doing their bedtime routine with matthias so that he would go to sleep. this started with her saying The Lord's Prayer, which jason has been teaching her at bedtime. this was followed with her and matthias singing "Jesus loves me". matthias sings about every other word - and "word" is used in the loose sense here. then, hiba prayed and told matthias good night an to go to sleep. the whole time, she was talking sweetly to him and he was answering sweetly and they were just being so cute.

such a great little moment.

and then they woke up this morning....

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