Wednesday, November 21

this week (or a little longer) in review

 Ozark Rugby Tournament. A whole weekend of rugby to wrap up the season.

date night with hiba - reading at the library, followed by dinner at chickfila.

hiba talking to herself in the reflection.
thanksgiving feast at preschool!

"don't take my picture, mom!".

birthday party at build-a-bear with friends from preschool.

sick day for matthias, which hiba talked me into letting her stay home for as well. it was actually a good day. they played well together when matthias was feeling well, and hiba and i had a good time together when he was sleeping.

making rolls for thanksgiving
oobleck! (cornstarch and water)
hiba's rock collection
and matthias'. i'm pretty sure it was just one big rock.
building a christmas tree and listening to christmas music.
and now, it's time for thanksgiving! time flies when you're having fun!

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