Thursday, November 1

happy halloween!

yesterday was "super crazy day!", according to hiba. halloween definitely lived up to expectations this year, and i think even exceeded them in many cases. here are the highlights:

-hiba actually getting a costume that lived up to the picture in her head. she wanted to be "super hiba", but i am not crafty, nor do i plan ahead, so i'm pretty surprised that i pulled it off. i only pulled it off because of some last-minute, much needed help from my mother-in-law - ya know, little things like making the cape, mask, and belt. it's only 3/4 of the outfit.

super hiba!
 -trick-or-treating at preschool. the kids paraded around the building, which was super cute. matthias refused to wear most of his costume, but he is easily bribed with candy, so he stuck his hat on for a minute.

-halloween parties at pre-school. pre-school sure takes some of the pressure of when it comes to holidays. they have the party thing covered there.

-dinner and trick-or-treating with friends. we went over to john and carol's, which was so fun. utter chaos was the name of the game, but why have it any other way?

-matthias, once again, realizing the greatness that is trick-or-treating. after each house, he would ask if we were going back to john and carol's. when i told him no, he would get super excited and say "we get MORE candy?!?". each time. he was thrilled. 

matthias did eventually let me take pictures of him. he's a pretty great looking pirate. especially with his ratty, un-brushed, uncut hair. we totally did that on purpose. ya know, to add to the costume. 

i didn't get a great picture of hiba (mom fail!), because i was too focused on getting a good shot of matthias, who was too focused on refusing to wear his whole costume and/or look at the camera all at the same time. he wanted to be a pirate, but didn't want to wear his eye patch, hat, belt, or sword. hiba did love her costume (and wanted to wear it again today), but i kept getting distracted and forgot to get a good picture of her. but, you can still tell that she's pretty awesome looking.

and now, hiba announced to me this morning that it is fall again (apparently halloween is not fall) and my birthday is tomorrow, which is way more awesome than halloween. i may or may not have been feeding her that line throughout the week. :-)

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