Monday, November 26

thanksgivning recap

we had a great thanksgiving break. so much to be thankful for right now, and hopefully that will come soon in another post. with matthias being sick at the beginning of the week, i got sort of an extended break, even if i did have to work on wednesday. jason had the whole day off thursday, and then only had to work friday night, so we got a lot of family time, a lot of relaxing time, and a lot of fun time.

thursday morning kicked off with watching the macy's parade and cooking up a storm, since we spend wednesday night out with friends instead of actually getting ready for thanksgiving. totally worth it though. and everything got cooked in plenty of time.

the parade was a big hit
making a thanksgiving card - a picture of mommy and the pool, the two things she is thankful for.
we had thanksgiving meal with jason's family, which is always fun and there is always so. much. food. we still have enough leftovers to feed a small village.
beating up aunt lizzie
tryptophan strikes again
the rest of the weekend was spent doing little things around the house, raking leaves, cleaning, watching football, things like that. it's nice to have time to get those things done and still have time to relax.

saturday, matt and ashley - two of our best friends from the barnabas days - came to visit. it was so fun to see them and catch up on life.

love these people!
breakfast of champions. yes, that is bacon in the bloody mary.

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