Thursday, November 8

it's been a long week.

well, this week has been rather, um, crappy. for lack of a better description.

we realized on monday night that we needed our sewer line replaced. literally, a crappy realization.

we actually realized this a few months ago, but we've just been snaking out the clean-out valve anytime that the sewer backs up into our bathtubs. and by we, i totally mean jason. i had nothing to with any of it.

but monday night, after two hours of trying to get it unclogged, in the dark and the rain, we came to the conclusion that now is the time. unfortunately, this was realized at 8 p.m., after the kids were in bed and the toilets were backed up. so, thankfully we have super awesome family close by, and we loaded up the kids and headed to jason's parents' for the night. the whole chaos was only made better by hiba and matthias getting up at 5:30 a.m. on tuesday. which i should complain about just as much as i complain about snaking out the valve since jason totally had that situation covered as well.

tuesday was a long day. luckily, we found a great plumber who had already looked at the problem and was in the process of giving us an estimate. he also said that even though he probably couldn't get to it till friday, he would come and reuter it out for us, so it would be functional until he could fix it. but after a long morning, a super long day at work, a mix-up with the car-seats when they were needed in one car but far away in another, the sun setting at 5 p.m. thanks to the stupid time change, and the plumber not being there at 6 when i finally got home - i was about to lose it. but, thanks to an super awesome friend, a quick trip to target, and dinner at senior tequilas, the day was survived. and the plumber did come that evening, so we were able to stay at our own house.

the plumber ended up being able to come on wednesday, which was great. and he finished in two days, and we were able to stay at our house because he made it functional by the end of the first day. so other than the thousands of dollars that we got to spend on the job (which was still literally thousands less than we thought it would be based on an early estimate), it was pretty painless once we got the process started.

what? you don't have a huge trench and small backhoe in your yard? 
and now, we are back home, with a brand new sewer line, and we get to enjoy these, which jason so thoughtfully got me on monday as an extended birthday celebration, right before all the literal shit hit the proverbial fan.

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