Wednesday, July 27

loving and not so much

things i'm loving....

*matthias talking. it is sooooo cute. he is starting to put small sentences together. like "hiba time out!".
*hiba at the pool. she is so fearless and it is so fun to watch her swim and jump and play. yesterday, she was doing belly-flops off the diving board because that's what the big kids were doing.
*yo gabba gabba. for real. so much better than dora. if my kids are going to be obsessed with a tv show, i'll take this one. at least for this week - i'll probably be tired of it soon.
*bargains. i got some great new clothes when i visited my parent's last week. everything was on super clearance. i've worn new clothes every day this week - something that has not happened in a loooooooong time.
*our church. it did take me a while to warm up to it (don't be offended, guys. i pretty much hated anything here for a good's not just you). but i really love it. i love the people. i love that my kids are seeing their lives. i love that they all love us.
*air conditioning. i don't know how i lived without it for 3 years. i am thankful every day that i have great ac in my house and car.
*watching hiba and matthias play together. they are finally to the age where she isn't too old and cool for him and he isn't to little for her. they play games, read books, make trouble. when they are sweet, they are so sweet.

and things i'm loving not as much....

*matthias and hiba fighting together. they are also to the age where they fight. matthias fights back. and starts fights. and has his own ideas on how their games should go, which are usually different than hiba's ideas. they fight all day. and then go back to being best buds. and then fighting.
*the heat and humidity. i really get unreasonably angry when i have to be outside these days. like actual anger builds inside of me when i step outside of our door. i can handle the pool and usually i can handle walking to and from the car, but that is about it. and yes, i do realize this is a ridiculous problem that probably need to work on.
*netflix. i know, old news. but i still have to decide what i want to do about it. keep the streaming so the kids can watch things? change to huluplus? amazon prime? get rid of it all because really who needs to be watching that much tv?
*matthias wanting to be potty trained. i know, i should love this. but i don't. i really don't want to deal with it. will it save me lots of money each month? will it make my life easier in a very short time? is he very ready, like asking "potty, please? potty, please?" every time i change his diaper? yes, yes, and yes. but do i want to deal with it? no.

so there you have it. some thoughts from my wednesday afternoon. what are you loving today? or not so much loving today?

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Jerusalem said...

um I am loving this post. and I am not loving having to pay bills instead of just buying whatever I want. Drat. Oh and I am loving =your sweet family too!!