Friday, July 15

i'm way too old for this shiz....


6 a.m. - woken up by hiba. laid in bed with her till about 7, but sure didn't sleep at all.
7 a.m. - matthias gets up. drag myself out of bed (and yes, i realize this isn't super early. but i hate mornings. any mornings. so every day i drag myself out of bed. even if it's at 10 a.m.)
8 a.m. - breakfast with the kiddos, make a grocery list, meal plan, plan for the day
9 a.m. - head to walmart. the "mommy's helper" novelty has totally worn off.
10:30 - go to the gym. regretting not drinking more than one cup of coffee.
12 - make it home without a complete meltdown by hiba or myself. all endorphins created during my workout are immediately sucked out of me.
1 - naptime for the kiddos! but instead of napping, i decide to watch tv. i immediately regret this decision.
3 - kids up, time to clean up the house and get dinner going.
5:30 - friends from out of town get here. yay!
6 - i leave to go to a teen mops bbq, which is fun, but always really emotionally exhausting
9 p.m. - get home, hang out with friends, catch up on life
11 p.m. - leave to go to the movie theater for the premier of the final harry potter. wondering why the heck i thought this was a good idea a week ago.
12:01 - not watching harry potter yet. stupid movie theater.
12:10 - movie starts. somehow i am still awake. yay for coke!
2:30 A.M. (i guess this should technically be under "friday") - get home, stumble into bed, and sleep


6:30 a.m. - wake up to the sounds of hiba and matthias jumping in matthias' crib. drag myself out of bed, turn on "yo gabba gabba", give the kiddos milk and bananas, and go back to sleep on the playroom floor
7:45 - doorbell rings. open it to find a policeman. not quite awake for this. it was actually nothing, our friends had bikes on the back of their car and a bike was found down the street, so he wanted to make sure it wasn't theirs. at this point, i decided it was time for coffee.
8 a.m. - breakfast, coffee, enjoying time with friends, glad jason got to go into work late. more coffee.
9:30 a.m. - three little friends join us for the rest of the morning. more coffee. it really was great they were here, because they play great with hiba and matthias so i could do things like space out on the couch, drink more coffee, and write important blog posts.
1 p.m. - naptime! this time for everyone. although i did have to stay awake long enough to run a load of hiba's clothes through the washer and move them on to the drier, so she could put them away and get a sticker.
4:30 - wake up from my nap. wishing i didn't have to. head out to the store to pick up stuff for dinner and then head to the jason's parents house. we had dinner there, then put the kids to bed (which apparently was an epic failure after we left....).
8 - get to some friends' house to teach them how to play "settlers of catan". yay! new dorky game friends! jason crushed us both games.
11:30 - leave their house, back to jason's parents to pick up our kids and take them home.
12:26 - finally home, hiba and matthias back to bed, stumble into bed and pass out.

and it doesn't really slow down here. we've got a full day today and then jason leaves for atlanta on sunday and i leave for nwa/tulsa for a few days. thank God for coffee. i'm sooooooo too old for this.


methy said...

Tulsa?? Really?? I'll leave it intact for you...

kristina said...

yay for coming to tulsa to see me!!!